Worth It, Knock on Wood


Back from vacation! It was burning hot with a burning sun most of the time. I spent most of my hours outdoors in that weather and walked a lot for even me – to the point that two of my toes exploded with blisters.

Ahem. Anyway.

I spent too much time in each city. I should’ve cut them down by one day each and either come home earlier and relaxed a bit more, or gone somewhere else for that time saved. I didn’t exhaust things to do there, or even things I may have wanted to do, but I’m a restless person when on the move and traveling in my own country affords me to revisit places in case I missed something from the first time there.

I brought back few souvenirs, none of them specific to the cities I was in, and I’m sifting through a couple thousand photos. A friend always sends me postcards for some reason, so I sent him and his boyfriend one from each place. (I even managed to buy the stamps at a Montreal post office en français!) No keychains, no pens, no plush toys of something stereotypical like a beaver or statuette of men wrestling in maple syrup. I met and shared space with people with different arrival and departure dates than me. I don’t know if I made friends, and someone out there may think I’ve made an enemy, but I had opportunities to sleep in a jail cell, insult a non-existing football team, and stumble to the corner store for the second six-pack of beer that night in a city where that’s possible.

Worth the trip, overall. Worth all the walking, worth the blisters, worth the money spent on food and alcohol even though not all of it was that good. Worth the sweating in the sun, the waiting at the airports and train station, and the money that was spent on what I was waiting there for.

I’ll see tomorrow if it was worth abandoning work for a week when I find out what happened to all of the shitstorms I left and I predicted would happen when gone. Or, to put it another way, I’ll find out if my job is worth sticking to for 50 weeks of the year if it can manage me being gone for one.


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