Purged from the Social Storage Closet


I think I have been unfriended on Facebook by old friends because I’m not interested in weddings or kids.

These are people I used to be good friends with – school and/or work made for fun times and great memories. But we all change, yadda yadda, and many people divert their path to the middle where they pursue marriage and family and a back yard with a garden. I’m not going to be enthralled by their impeccable tastes in these things, or go insane speaking gibberish to a child in a socially acceptable way. They can post what they want to. I can ignore Facebook altogether since it’s come to serve purposes not applicable to my world.

The reason I put up with Facebook is to keep a line open between me and people of my past. I don’t expect regular interaction, and I don’t use it very well in keeping my stats on the board so everyone knows how my life is progressing (or stagnating). I don’t post much, so why do people go to the lengths of unfriending?

I’m puzzled, but not bothered. It’s not a numbers game or with any political subtext. It hits me how different I am from others, those who have strived for the standard – no marriage, no kids, and not wanting to share personal details with close family and a select set of girlfriends.

There is a lot about what matters to the masses that is either beyond me or I’m beyond.


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