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Today is the first of my between-jobs unemployment, with tomorrow being the last one as the weekend for somebody who left one Monday to Friday job and will soon be starting another does not count. Actually, scratch that, “unemployment” for policy purposes means someone doesn’t have a job and is actively looking for one. I’m not actively looking for one anymore. I covered that shit when I was still employed.

But I digress. The real purpose of this is to hash out what I JUST POSTED ON TWITTER here, for all of you who for some reason don’t want to read my half-baked (no, not that half-baked – I sleep and eat crap enough as it is) ideas all day.

(Postscript on this one: granted, non-reproductive sexual pleasure is beneficial in times of scarcity or overpopulation, and this is how homosexuality makes evolutionary sense.)

(I think I meant “wrap your mind around that one” but I didn’t notice autocorrect’s error. Let’s roll with it.)

(It’s safe to presume I don’t like Richard Dawkins. As a human being.)

And finally…

(I really do like Bertrand Russell. He was the good kind of intellectual atheist.)

This was all thought up from scratch as I was eating cereal in bed ON A WEEKDAY as nobody has argued with me that female human lips are based around fitting a penis into them. You’re confusing one type of labia with the other. (Yes, “labium” is Latin for “lip” and “labia” is its plural form.) And I’m not even sure the other labia are about sticking the penis in so much as some kind of vulval curtains and/or skin to stretch in those last few inches when pushing out a baby.

I just tweeted these all a few minutes ago, but I thought they should be reproduced here in one stream. The added commentary in the paragraph above also couldn’t fit in 140 characters.

So you’re welcome. Follow me on Twitter to get all of the brilliance I don’t get around to re-posting here.


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