There are a lot of concepts in my head that aren’t quite developed into concise wording, into succinct arguments to make the point clear. TWitter helps force these out a thought at a time to refine the argument to one conclusive sentence. With a stream of consciousness preceding it, yesterday I pondered the purpose of employment equity/affirmative action programs and how they require women, people of colour, and persons with disabilities to actively claim their disadvantaged status and wound it all up with:

“Default” should not be lazily interpreted as “normal”. It should be read as “point of bias” by which the marginalized are differentiated.

White able-bodied men are seen as the default human being. Try to argue with that all you like. When anyone else holds a position of power or is the protagonist in a tale, we take note of that difference.

The benefit of having a process to put that into brevity is that it can leave the reader to do the thinking. The concept can be unwrapped from that concise wording in the reader’s head. Most people aren’t convinced of things until we think it up ourselves.


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