The Downside to an Upswing


When the problems of circumstance, those things you can’t control that just don’t seem to be going your way, become minimal upon a lucky streak that fundamentally improves your quality of life you have far less in life to be sad about.

That doesn’t always get matched proportionately with far less time being sad.

I am far happier in an objective sense and I can see the horizon instead of a storm or a fog. My energy levels are generally better and I feel more in character.

But that makes periods of low energy and displacement more worrying.

The downs are harder to put my finger on, so it’s harder to put into writing. No news isn’t always good news; if there were good news there would be good news, and if there’s no bad news there can still be an absence of good news.

Anyway, excuses for not writing – neither great things nor sad things to say. I just can’t quite figure out the why anymore.


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