The Anti-Coward Rob Ford


RoFo and DoFo, two corruptly righteous mofos…

(so will go the opening lyric to a future legendary folk song of an era when the worst examples were somehow voted in)

I am concerned that there is something terribly, TERRIBLY wrong with Toronto City Hall that Mayor Rob Ford and his brother Councillor Doug Ford keep making giant public idiots of themselves to distract the public and  media. Here are two rich white men with selfish interests in public office and senses of entitlement and being exceptions to rules.

Rob Ford is taking the spotlight being in the superior position as mayor and doing far more terrible things. There’s enough beyond crack use to implicate him for being a horrible public servant who should step down. He’s misused city funds, he disobeys the law (particularly driving laws), refuses to engage with the diverse communities of his city, and is the antithesis of diplomatic in his public conduct. Not only does he refuse to step down; he insists on running for reelection next year.

It’s suspicious what else there might be that media fodder keeps coming and coming. Today light shedding on allegations of sexual harassment led to the foot inside the mouth of the foot that’s in his mouth defending himself against these saying that he can get the action he’s accused of soliciting from staff members from home. Yes, he implied that he’s married and can eat his wife’s pussy, so why go for a city worker?

This is in line with his fake apology for getting drunk in public – that he should restrict himself to doing that at home. There could be an argument that his statement extends to his crack use, implying he believes the same thing about that as he does about drinking, but that’s not only a stretch but unnecessary. We should be leery of the fool he continues to make of himself. That the reporting is on the poor judgment in his oratory might be a distraction from worse goings-on that involve more people than Rob Ford and do greater damage to the Torontonian people through grand-scale corruption of government power and public funds.

The moral problems of sex in politics and workplaces in general isn’t the sex itself (extramarital or not) but the power balance. The public’s concern people’s drug and alcohol use shouldn’t be about the individual choices in themselves, but how it compromises the judgment and integrity of the person and how it affects their mental abilities in doing the job. There have probably been fat angry megalomaniacs in all eras of history who frequented opium dens, drank themselves blind, or went down rabbit holes and still accomplished things that we see as good contributions today. The amount of exposure we’re able to get from today’s politicians gives us immediate insight into these factors and we judge them harshly without considering the potential double standard for leaders past. But there’s clearly enough that is ideologically and ethically wrong with what Rob Ford has done and will try to do in public office to promote his self-interest to implicate him as an unsuitable leader.

So how much else of that is there behind these fat albino curtains of an angry man who keeps opening his mouth at the wrong time, in the wrong shape, leaking air at the wrong audible wavelengths accompanied by the wrong movements of the tongue?


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