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That last post was originally written up before I knew today was International Men’s Day. Which is an actual thing. Beyond the obvious reaction of “Isn’t every day International Men’s Day?” what with virtually all existing human societies inflating the value of men over women through entrenched traditions and institutions that are invisible to the naked eye and routinely denied whenever a woman accomplishes something. (“There is no patriarchy in the West now. Look at Angela Merkel!”) This last point is highlighted very well in the video game sector by Anita Sarkeesian’s latest installment in her “Tropes vs. Women” YouTube series called Ms. Male Character when she aligns it with the Smurfette principle that the default is a diverse range of numerous men, plus one generic woman. (If there were a character for every day of the year, 364 of them would be male and one would be female, specifically International Women’s Day of March 8th, with its lousy Smarch weather.)

It’s a good day, then to read about how women are still treated in male-dominated realms – like sexual harassment in comics. The comics I read are pretty restricted to web comics, which are largely independent and so can be different than/critical of patriarchal norms. There are doubtless more women in the web comics realm than in mainstream comics publishing, and I suppose I selectively follow those women and men who support feminism both as people and in their work. This selective following brings me treasures like this:

On a much more legitimate note, it’s also World Toilet Day, which I surprisingly didn’t know about until late this afternoon via Ezra Klein of The Washington Post:

I’m interested in the global issue of sanitation from a number of angles – overpopulation, global inequality, environmental sustainability, and social stigmas to name a few. So I added thoughts on that following my RT of Ezra:

My tweets were hours after the link to the WaPo blog, as I was just that much behind the times. Gradually catching up with the rest of the afternoon, I came across pure brilliance from someone who (tying in with the previous issue) happens to be a woman involved in the comic arts:

And so things kind of come full circle. It’s not really “full circle” because nothing’s tied up at the end. These are merely related issues that will continue to require attention indefinitely or until all inequality is erased in the world, whichever comes first. C’est la vie, et la vie est merde – plus encore pour les femmes.


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