Here’s one way to demonstrate that things like employment equity/affirmative action/any reparative initiatives meant to equalize the systemic imbalance of wealth, power, and dignity are necessary: the people who complain about them would’ve complained about the results they bring anyway.

It doesn’t take policy for people to notice that perhaps they work with non-white individuals, or down the hall from someone with a cane, or report to a woman manager. The policy reminds the people hiring employees (or accepting students or whatever else has a similar program) that there are untapped human resources that the status quo working population generally doesn’t notice – until they do get hired.

Making that observation without an alliteratively named policy would lead to the same decisions, and these same people would make the same complaints – questioning where these people came from, why they were hired, and why they’re robbing the futures of our promising white children. But shake your world view and realize what monster this continued ignorance creates for our society: Rob Ford.


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