It’s been a solid eleven hours since I had any coffee, but I’m awake with a hyperactive and completely absurd wit like I just downed several shots of espresso. I’m not on cocaine either, so who knows where this is coming from.

I’ve been dubbed an “honourary Jew” growing up in the neighbourhood I did, and as one of my best friends IS in fact Jewish I feel like I should pose with a giant smile pointing at her like Stephen Colbert and his black friend. (I have, in fact, done this with my token black friend @princessdevy03.)


This was a result from a text conversation about how absolutely terrible headcheese is, but my objection is not based on a kosher diet. It’s just that terrible. I fully admit to eating pig-based meats.

I hope this unanswered question doesn’t keep me up any longer than my current wave of energy. I need to work tomorrow, and I already feel my immune system wearing itself out. Let the baboons lose sleep over this. Let them solve their own problems, melting sand into glass and shaping that glass into a sealable cylinder container. It’s their own uphill battle to survival of the fittest. Baboons who can preserve their jam will thrive over those who cannot. Luckily this is a long process, and I will not see such suffering within my life time.


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