Colour by Numbness


I wish I had the skills and habits to record the data of everyday life and turn it into something. I follow Flowing Data and have read one of Nathan Yau’s books that includes tips on where to start. It seems like a major investment for me, though, to work up motivation to learn the tricks and stick to the habit. I don’t have enough background knowledge of statistics and/or design to come up with something ingeniously creative, nor do I have the strong personal push that can bring about projects like Quantified Breakup to use this therapeutically.

The sometimes excessively private habits I have keep me reserved from going all out and recording things with little effort through available tools. I don’t want to map where I go and how often – I would be easily stalked and also have to face my own pathetically limited map. I don’t want to count calories or track pounds or even use a step counter because I’m afraid of how outrageously high mine would get to yet I’m still generally out of shape.

What makes these data visualizations inspiring is how the qualitative are quantified using colours and shapes and other things that people can understand and weigh and balance without being intimidated by math. I think we’d all have a much better understanding of each other and what we have in common if we did things this way.

At least I would have a much better understanding of myself.


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