On the Latest Rage


Frustration accumulates in all of us. I’ve had violent temper tantrums on occasion that have resulted in self-harm, but rarely damaging material property. There’s nothing in particular that struck such a strong cord, but it seemed like the best opportunity to get something out there – a basket full of clean laundry that inconvenienced me on a very lax evening. (I still haven’t washed dishes or run, as of writing.)

It’s been a busy year, with life events laced among deep and unspoken personal issues that will never get resolved. The c’est la vie of laundry gone slightly awry is nothing, or next to nothing since this never would’ve been an issue with an en suite dryer.

But sometimes you have to do something with material representation but not material damage – something silent with a lot to say. So I threw half-dry laundry all over my living room. Then I cleaned it up, to work off steam, and because keeping the chaos would’ve continued the suffering. The same goes for running and dishes. If I don’t finish those I’m going to be frustrated enough to…throw laundry everywhere again and finish everything. I don’t want to throw dishes around as they could break. Throwing my legs around to spite running is, well…kind of the same thing, no?


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