To a Far Less Interesting Outcome


Here’s another hope for 2014 that I forgot to include in my earlier post: I hope Rob Ford doesn’t get re-elected.

The Toronto shell-of-a-mayor has filed for the race for office in this October’s election…with apparently the slogan “Ford More Years”. Because there’s nothing better for one of the world’s most diverse cities than to re-elect a white rich man with no sense of tact or sympathy, who believes he is above the law on account of being a white rich man who has friends in business, and his own charity to funnel funds into not realizing how that is a pretty solid and corrupt conflict of interest. A lot of political leaders have had their drunken stupors (and drug use, and allegations of sexual harassment), but I’m not sure how many of them put their foot in their mouth on every allegation made. Or act like a clown when city hall is in session, shove over councillors, or pass reference to their wife’s vagina.

He is just an utter caricature of the status quo – the white supremacy, the patriarchy, the wealth disparity seizing power that they say is democracy but is just the privileged pandering to the misinformed.


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