Tuning Out


I go back and forth on the appeal of being a professional blogger – or writer, as most of them are – between thinking it would be very fun to make a career out of, and imagining the horrendous amount of bullshit they have to go through on a daily basis to keep up with the dialogue. Even avid hobbyist bloggers need to keep up with scandals and other crap everyone else is writing about. I’ve stopped paying attention. I don’t care to know.

This gets me thinking – which, by the way, is a phrase any professional blogger should avoid – how informed could I be if I stopped reading the news?

I’ve already sort of given up on following most current events for the sake of my sanity. I see headlines and tweets about politicians I’ve never heard of and the scandals they’re creating by being jackasses and/or closet homosexuals and I don’t care to find out more. There are over five hundred elected representatives in the federal government of the United States. A different one could be caught giving a public blow job every day in 2014 and we’d have to extend the year until next July just to cover things fairly.

Some guy who writes I think? For the New York Times or something? Yeah, he used to smoke weed as a kid and now doesn’t so he thinks it should be illegal. SCANDAL! I would take a shot in the dark to guess maybe 25% of the entire population falls into this category. 50% of us have smoked weed before, and 50% of us 50% are assholes who think it was okay that they got away with it but others shouldn’t.

I’ve become a bad citizen, a lazy person in a convenient world. I can’t even bring myself to read short and dumbed down articles on basic issues. This is partly because in being short and dumbed down I don’t think they are actually worth my attention, and when most things turn into this style of reporting there is little left worth my time. I will read tweets…usually. This is how much of my attention I’m willing to give anything before I dismiss it as being something about which I shan’t give a shit. If I went by that alone, and never clicked the links to the articles cited in these brief summaries of passing thoughts, how generally informed would I be?

Is this worth an experiment, maybe?


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