Straight Answers


First of all:

This is to Macklemore’s song. I know little about Macklemore, on account of the incapable-of-following-popular-music stated above. But apparently in the song performed that was in support of gay rights etc, he also talks a lot about how he himself is straight.

Nobody really asks and nobody is really shocked to find out that I’m heterosexual because I don’t fit a stereotype, therefore I’m “normal” enough for my sexual orientation to not cross most people’s minds. Questions aren’t asked of me as they’re asked of others – although my singleness may come under more scrutiny than it would for a man – and that’s an example of my heteronormative privilege. When issues are of sexual orientation they aren’t about me. I don’t need to speak up on my own behalf, and the LGBT* people who do get to speak first.


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