One Month of Life Lessons


We’re just over a month into 2014. I will leave out everything I learned over the weekend, especially this experience I’ve already covered, and cut this off at January 31st. Here’s what I learned by that day:

Don’t leave your phone charging overnight/in your absence. I’ve been having battery issues with my phone for months. Some people told me it was a defect in my phone and I needed to buy a new one. Some advice was that it’s an older model that the OS doesn’t get updated for anymore and it’s incompatible with most apps. Both of those reasons were…largely false. The problem was hardware. I had overcharged my phone on a routine basis, inflating the battery and making it hard to keep in place/connected to the phone properly to provide power. I ordered a cheap battery replacement off a shady website in December, not getting it until the middle of January of course, and it was a remarkably visible difference in shape and size between the old battery and the new one. Since then my phone has been working…except for the other little defects and having an outdated operating system. (This has led to greater relevance of my earlier series “Does my phone make me…”)

New gadgets will make things harder before they become easier. I spent a pretty penny, the kind that aren’t even in circulation anymore in my country, on a new computer and I’ve barely “played” with it in a truly fun sense of the word. It was a hassle to order, a hassle to get shipped, a hassle to build, and it still hasn’t been set up as I want it, waiting on just a few more things. It’s faster and the display’s better and I have more space and so much more – but it’s yet to earn its value. Much like new employees, though, you won’t get a return on investment until you’ve put in a great deal of training and development into it.

Departures will hurt more before the person leaves than after. It’s an intense realization when the set date comes closer, and nostalgia tears up all our eyes. Getting back to life is easier for those left at home. While I wasn’t the person making this move, I could tell that the stress of something coming up is greater when you’re about to leave than when you’re in a new place that isn’t complete culture shock.

It’s possible to play some basic Rolling Stones tunes on the recorder if the key is adjusted to the very limited note range of the instrument.

Did I miss anything? I think that’s it…


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