For the Love of the Poem


It’s been a whimsical Valentine’s Day. I went on a passionate frenzy of poetry, merging the sentiment of the Romantic era with the medium of the Digital Age.

In other words, I tweeted excessively.

It started the night before, retweeting others, from non-sequitur to social commentary:

Through other people’s RTs, previous years’ classics came back to the surface:

While still in bed this morning, I started my own:

This continued while eating breakfast:

Okay, so the turn towards absurdity kicked in a little early in the day. But it’s Friday, after a long week but before a long weekend, so I knew it would be dreadfully slow-moving until quitting time.

At lunch I came home to eat and got back on track:

The afternoon went on, and some funny people who jumped on this bandwagon were worth retweeting:

But amidst retweeting the marvelous poems above, I made many – too many, some may say – of my own:

(They were Bailey’s chocolates.)

…of course, they couldn’t all be serious. Valentine’s Day has a lot of politics to it, after all, and particularly as a feminist I couldn’t let the pseudo-holiday go without some scrutiny challenging the patriarchy and whatnot. Neither could other feminists and allies.

I don’t know what the original poem of this format said after the first two lines, but the most quoted should be the one right above. On this day when love and commitment and romance are celebrated, we should also celebrate our freedom of choice in when we have sex and with whom. It’s what makes our partners special, and those moments romantic. There’s nothing romantic about rape, whether violent or emotionally abusive or just passively submission, so sex can wait for another day.

I may have more of these poems to come. This depends on how much more I eat, which delegates blood cells and the oxygen they carry to different parts of the body, and how much I drink, which delegates blood cells and the oxygen they carry to different parts of the brain. It’s also a matter of inspiration. In the middle of the day there are other people sharing the fun throughout the world, but many of these people have partners and/or have plans tonight. I might not be so inspired to continue.

Or I might be engulfed by building a brand new neighbourhood from scratch in Sims 2. Check any or all of the above.


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