Heeeeeey! Happy International Women’s Day!

I spent my first waking moments of International Women’s Day deciding not to go to an unrelated meeting this morning. I’ve been experiencing symptoms of perhaps having a slightly contagious bug of negligible effect on me, but could be worse for others. That’s my official reason, at least. I ended up staying in bed until past when the meeting started not out of sickness but out of it being the weekend and my love for the bed. I don’t know if this counts as laziness or a fair assessment of options. I can almost see the location where this meeting was held from my bedroom window. I was awake early enough to shower, eat, and dress for the day and make it in time. What sealed my decision was not the inaction, but knowing that the meeting did not depend on me being there.

Most things don’t, and that’s a valuable perspective to keep in mind when making decisions. It’s been my strategy for most of my life and why I’ve managed to do so little compared to many others who have had the same amount if not less time. Unlike most women of the world I don’t have a family to care for. I don’t have to wake up early on weekends to make breakfast for other people, and I have the rich world luxury of having prepackaged cereal and a refrigerated jug of milk always handy, so it only takes me fifteen seconds to make breakfast for myself.

I’m not in a perpetual state of struggle to defend myself. I don’t live in a war, I’m not being imposed on or displaced, and I’m not in an abusive relationship. The meeting I didn’t go to was on a topic that affects me less than it does everyone else who would’ve went, or at least less immediately. Part of my reasoning for not going was that somebody else with essentially the exact same things to contribute, plus more of his own, would be there and I would be redundant. Acknowledging that even if I put the effort into going out there and doing something it would be largely superficial and in my own self-interest with little yield is behind most of my inaction; hence the tweet above just over two months into the year.

With all the free time I have by not having dependents, and by choosing not to go do other things, I am accomplishing very little of even my insubstantial goals. TV series that I can watch at will – even pressing play is procrastinated through emptier actions. Books that I can read – more time sleeping, more time playing silly little games. Projects that I have lined up with deadlines and for other people – inching closer with no further action done. There is little consequence to me and negligible consequence to anyone else. That is quite the opposite of most women, the women worth celebrating today.



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