Postscript to Arajuunwegpmph.


I got a message on Facebook today from a former coworker. He moved to Calgary a while back, then switched from our then-employer to a competitor under unclear and possibly shady circumstances. He asked how our former employer was treating me. “I shat on it six months ago.”

Six months ago my life improved drastically. I essentially gained two hours back of every day. And yet, as you can tell from the shitty post preceding this one about why I do nothing and still feel overworked, I’ve been feeling like there’s no energy being saved.

From the tweets above, I think I may have found a possible source.

I used to walk a lot more because I had to, but beyond the daily commute I was just more agile and mobile and ready to go anywhere by foot. I didn’t have the time to sink into lazy complacency. The couple months of ridiculous cold followed by the last week or so of slushing and slipping as a consequence of warming up has been ripe with excuses to not run. I started eating crappy food too early and I can’t run on a full stomach. I started drinking at dinner. I meant to run in the morning on a weekend but forgot until I was already in the shower. Excuses.

So I ran just now – or however many minutes ago it takes me to write this up. My heart is still pounding. My lungs hurt. It feels more like it did last spring when I started the habit and I was incredibly out of shape. Before going on this run I went across the street to get chocolate milk and potato chips, out of feeling sorry for myself and my inferior writing skills and womanhood as a whole. But tweeting a couple thoughts out really made it undeniable that a lack of exercise was a connection to this slump. I changed pants, put on my runners and my jogging jacket and went out.

It was a short run, as all of mine are. It was a messy run. It was ultimately rewarding, though – very sweaty in its short time, only a brief feeling of the minor cold winds being at all an issue on my exposed hands and forehead.

I think I’m ready to plow through a couple of episodes of the series I’ve been meaning to get into. I think I’m ready to lose an hour of time overnight and still have a productive day tomorrow. I think endorphins are behind this entire paragraph, because half an hour ago it was hard enough even considering turning on a TV.


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