The Person and the Artist


The other day I ordered things online. I really don’t like shopping that way, but some things aren’t available in stores, and in this case this is the best way to ensure more money gets in the pockets of creators and fair paying entrepreneurs.

One thing I ordered was a print of a comic that I want to frame and hang on my wall. The comic is funny and motivating and fits my values. I’m a fan of the artist. After ordering this it occurred to me it’s been some time since I’ve seen her on Twitter…and that’s because she blocked me. I was puzzled as to why, but looking back a week or so I found I did reply to one of her tweets and she responded by blocking me. Upon first learning this I got upset and thought it was low and for no good reason, and I would like to be unblocked so I could keep up with more of her work. I rethought the purchase I had just made; maybe if she doesn’t welcome me as a fan I shouldn’t support her. Maybe I should email her with an apology.

But I didn’t do any of this, and thought about it for longer, and I’m glad I did. I settled on the following conclusions:

  • A person has the right to do whatever they want with their own social media accounts, and does not owe the public anything.
  • I can still appreciate her work as it’s published on her and other websites.
  • This particular person is a self-professed train wreck, and her work (largely journal comics) is better seen in its final product than tweet by tweet as part of the thought process.
  • There is no reason for me, individually, to be of particular importance to her, which is essentially why this happened to begin with.

What am I missing out on but an unconstructive distraction? I have enough of that on Twitter to not have noticed this for a while. It was just as easy to enjoy creative content before Twitter, and that is still offered for free. Funny that. I’m owed nothing except the print that I paid for.


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