Friday’s Failures


I have to get over the past few days of just cumulative insignificant failures.

I spilled coffee throughout my purse. I washed said purse and broke my hair dryer trying to dry it out. Things in that purse got soaked, some irredeemably. A lot of it still smells like coffee.

I switched to a new purse today while wearing jeans, so the dye rubbed off on the side hitting my hips. I decided to walk a distance into the sun without sunglasses, with muddy puddles everywhere on a speeding street, and with sidewalk puddles gambling for an injury and further purse damage. Even choosing not to walk, a 2L bottle of coke exploded on the bus and sprayed in my direction.

Heads have butted, tables almost – and tempers certainly – flipped. My tolerance has been tested and my workload weighted.

It’s time for sleeping and drinking for me.


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