It Ain’t Over


Re: yesterday’s post on Donald Sterling.

Developments since present a slight problem.

The NBA fined him $2.5 million and banned him for life.

Everyone rejoices that racism has been swiftly ejected from a glorious American institution.

It hasn’t. The mentality that business owners gift upon workers the sustenance of life, and that they also gift upon the public the fruits of their worker’s labour is still entrenched in capitalism. Entertainment industries, including professional sports, are overwhelmingly white capitalists thinking that without them, their (black) athletes or entertainers wouldn’t be worth a damn.

Don’t use the outcome of a single case to assume a problem is gone.

Oh, and while I’m on a righteous rampage: don’t pretend that the death penalty is based on justice. It’s a cultural ritual of institutional sadism and revenge celebrated by the establishment. Okay, bye bye for now.


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