The Latest in Crowdsourcing


Seeking critiques through crowdsourcing – also referred to as “asking for advice” – is becoming a major trend in social media. Instead of sitting alone at home with the lights off, eating sliced pineapple straight out of the can with a fork because you’re out of spoons, people – especially young people – are using the tools of the internet to take pictures of things they could use some input on, post them on places where people who have the knowledge and interest to provide useful input can see them, and apply what those people say to their decision process. It’s a remarkable new phenomenon.

Earlier today I spoke of the traumatic impact that my go-to person for pretty things moved away.

She responded that she’d be up for evaluating pictures taken in good natural light, or even doing a live consultation via video communication technology, which is often referred to, using the leading brand in the field, as “Skyping”. Another person privy to this conversation through Twitter’s feature of mutual followers being able to read in on public conversations offered to contribute her opinions as well. It’s almost serendipitous that somebody you “follow” on “Twitter” who “follows” you “back” might also have similar interests that could be of use in both practical ways and symbolic of the bonding traditions that, for many centuries, were not conducted on the World Wide Web.

I was able to take “selfies” and post them to get opinions. These “selfies” are also commonly referred to under the umbrella term “photograph”, which through our modern communication revolution has enabled people to represent themselves visually to people in other places at that given time. It’s through these “photographs” that other people were able to see what I looked like in an outfit with certain makeup, jewelry, and theoretical hair colours, and “provide” their “opinions” that I was seeking.

And so when I eventually get around to wearing this nice little ensemble, I will be wearing crowdsourcing. This is all thanks to the modern miracles of social media and the internet. Without it, I would’ve shown up naked. What an age we live in.


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