Things That I Would Do If I Had Time and an Attention Span

  1. Read all of the books in my queue that I already own
  2. Borrow more books from other people and read them
  3. Borrow more books from the library and read them
  4. Go back and properly tag/categorize all of these blog posts
  5. Rewrite or delete a lot of these blog posts
  6. Get around to watching all of those TV series people tell me I have to see
  7. Listen to the past decade’s noteworthy music
  8. Practice writing until I’m good enough to get paid for it
  9. Work up the courage to submit writing to get paid for it
  10. Use getting paid for writing as a consolation for my anxieties over not making enough money despite the fact that I’m making more money than I ever have in my life
  11. Rewrite and delete a lot of the items on this list

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