Lord, Give Me the Delusional Confidence to Think I Know What I’m Doing


The world runs on a delusion that there is something objective about our structures that makes the rules work. We trust an “establishment” that we hold sacred, and where there are holes we pretend, and make it up as we go along.

Go ahead. Challenge that statement.

For people who cannot grasp this or bear to live with it, there’s religion – fundamentalist, literalist religion. Faith and community values can exist in a world where everything is merely a human-made structure and concepts are bound by the limitations of language, so not all religion and religiosity is incompatible with our very, very, very flawed reality. But for those who matter-of-fact know there is a hell for sinners, an invisible hand for the free market, or that Jesus descended upon the people writing the US Constitution and handed a gun directly into Abe Lincolns hands…there is no hope for them to see through the fragile glass on which we walk.

Anyway, this is my excuse for panic and anxiety at the notion that I may own a home one day. The concept that humans can own physical, space is a ridiculous start, but then there’s the idea of invisible “money”, and far worse the paperwork. Save me.


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