Taking Laughter for Granted


I am not a person filled with energy and a quick and sharp wit. I don’t provide the world with an abundance of entertainment and perspective on how immense the possibilities of human experience are by being able to flip everything over into something passionate and moving. I haven’t pushed myself to create the greatest possible art to touch as many people as possible in deep and forever changing ways.

When I get the depressed, and when I think of death, it seems like such a small sway in pace and perspective to the mediocrity I’ve settled for that it doesn’t strike me as severely or quickly. I’m useless to society at large, which I guess has put me less at risk.

Anybody who’s laughed in the past 35 years has been touched by Robin Williams. We’ve been so moved by the laughter and excitement he’s riled up in us, and we didn’t know how severely the pendulum swung. Motherfucker. The greatest tragedy is the greatest comedy plus death. Actual death.


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