On Practice and Preach


What do you do to make a real difference aside from posting your opinions on Twitter?

Uhh, well I write longer pieces here, sometimes, even though nobody reads them…

I, um, am nice to people, or at least try to be when I’m not pretending they can’t see me.

I speak up in conversations with family and friends with an assertive voice on controversial topics, although they mostly just pat my head and carry on ignoring me.

I am the co-chair of the board of directors for a community organization that intersects with many other social problems and underrepresented voices, and advocates for sustainable and inclusive solutions.

I choose active modes of transportation that remove another car from the roads, and try to decline offers for rides from people to shorten their own time on the road. I’ve designed my lifestyle around being car-free.

I genuinely try to reduce my consumption of disposable products and use of water and electricity, although I haven’t turned over all of my habits yet, and I have room for substantial improvement.

I try to be a conscious consumer, shopping online when it benefits independent creators, but going to retail establishments in person when I have an interest in maintaining the presence of the business.

I try to not get defensive when I’m called on for my biases and marginalizing behaviour. I try to change myself to have an open mind, and listen to oft-ignored voices that I can so easily hide from in a comfortable shell of race, class, and cishet priivlege.

I put a genuine effort into making everyday life choices that reflect opinions I spew like I’m a living model of them. I’m not; I’m very much imperfect and deserve to be called upon for it. I deserve to be reminded of my hypocrisies and imperfections. Keep the criticism coming. And live up to it yourself.


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