365 Things


365 things to do by on December 31, 2015

I had the idea the night of December 30th to accomplish a full year’s cheesy bucket list. It was a bit late to brainstorm things that could possibly be crammed into one final day, since it was nearly the end of the evening and I had a full day of work in the way. But I can plan for it next year. I’m sure there are self-help types who encourage 365 goals for any year because blah blah blah every day counts yadda yadda yadda.

But it takes a special, reckless person to procrastinate an entire year’s goals and still achieve them. That’s the kind of person I want to be. And I have a whole year, rather than a few hours, to list things that I could conceivably do all on New Year’s Eve of 2015. Let’s start that list now.

  1. Wear black lipstick to work – a tribute to my gothic youth
  2. Shop at a store I’ve never shopped at before
  3. Dye my hair a new colour
  4. Go for lunch at a restaurant I’ve never been to
  5. Order a kind of meal I have never eaten at that restaurant
  6. Go for dinner at a restaurant I’ve never been to
  7. Order a kind of meal I have never eaten at THAT restaurant (okay, so there’s a bit of redundancy, but there are only 24 hours to work with here)
  8. On that note, stay up the entire 24 hours from midnight to midnight
  9. Tell somebody (to be determined) how I REALLY feel
  10. Read an entire book (title to be determined)
  11. Go on a longer run than I have before
  12. Email somebody I don’t know personally, but has inspired me, to give them appreciation
  13. Troll a despicable reddit subforum
  14. Listen to a new podcast for the first time

This list will be added to as ideas come. These things must take less than four minutes on average, though some can be handled simultaneously. To have this list in progress will encourage different thinking to reach the goal of writing enough things down. As much of a joke as it is about achieving goals and improving your life by small steps, that’s what it turns into.

But if I’m going to write about it, it’s better I do so all in one day rather than track my progress over the year. For the reader’s sake.


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