Khris is a young-ish woman(-ish) from Winnipeg. She has an educational background in sociology and human resources and has over ten years of work experience in jobs nowhere near her potential. She doesn’t drive a car, takes very few things seriously, and has never made a new year’s resolution about losing weight. She has synesthesia, through which she identifies different numbers with different colours and personalities…not that you’re at all interested in that kind of bullshit.

While this fabulous blog aims not to document the day-to-day life occurrences of its author (as blogs are inanimate manifestations of code that cannot think or develop emotions of their own), it is comprised of the wonderful mix of complaints, rants, and self-righteous soapbox speeches about first-world problems, including having to live among the ignorant, gluttonous citizens of said first-world.

Follow her on Twitter, because she’s much warmer to that approach than old fashioned stalking: @khrismonegenege

Oh! Also there’s Google+, in case she ever decides to, you know, use that.


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