Lessons in Personal Hypocrisy


I started off today, a day of such political importance, being very selfish in a hypocritical, antithetical way to my beliefs.

At the bus stop, in the small shelter, a woman wearing a white t-shirt in weather that was a mixture of snow and frozen rain, tried talking to me when I had ear phones in and music playing. I paused the music. She asked for the time. I turned my music back on. She started talking to me again. She asked what street we were on. I kept my music on pause. She then asked if I had any drugs for her. I said no. A moment after, she walked away.

Here’s where I was selfish. Right before she walked away, it hit me that I was wearing two jackets – a winter coat for the wind chill on the outside, and a hooded jacket underneath for the rain and snow. I was going to take a bus. I could’ve sacrificed the hooded jacket, one I bought four years ago for $20.

But I didn’t and she had left. She clearly had larger problems than not having a jacket, but everybody in zero-degree weather deserves one.

I’m thinking I should donate this jacket, or another $20 one just like it, to a shelter. Winter is coming and it should be a human right for anyone living in a society of this climate to have a jacket to keep them warm.